Southeastern Wisconsin is brimming with safe, fun, organized stuff for kids and families to do during summer vacation. Check out this zoom-able map. It shows the area within 50 miles of downtown Milwaukee. Inside the circle are hundreds of possible adventures right for kids, parents, and caregivers.

“Great!” you say, “But how we gonna get there?"

Go Kid Go.

Using the forms below, parents and caregivers can customize and schedule day-trip adventures for their kids, then invite friends to join. Go Kid Go can provide door-to-door service, and whatever else is necessary.

Once an adventure is planned, Go Kid Go sends a detailed synopsis to it’s organizer via text and e-mail. To invite friends, the organizer just forwards the synopsis, along with any personal note they want to send. An adventure code is included, and links to our website and system and friends can review detail pages (whatever those are, and how might those be set up?).

Throughout an adventure, Go Kid Go sends texts and e-mails updating our vehicle’s GPS location, its ETA at pick-ups and drop-offs, and trip details to the organizer, to each friend’s parent or caregiver, and to the friends themselves, until it’s over.

Except when the participants are passengers in a Go Kid Go vehicle, GKG staff members are not responsible for their supervision. Go Kid Go and its drivers' responsibilities are limited to providing transportation to and from each organizer’s specific pick-up and drop-off locations. Neither is responsible for the friends on an adventure when they are not aboard a Go Kid Go vehicle.

Also, Go Kid Go vehicles and drivers usually leave drop-off locations once all the friends have exited. It’s likely that a group of friends would be transported to and from their adventure in different GKG vans with different GKG drivers. Adventures have specific start and end times, but things happen. Go Kid Go can respond quickly if necessary.

So where does one find these highly touted adventures? In the sidebar to the right, the button labeled “free admissions” links to dozens of dated-but-maybe-still-working websites that might suggests great adventures. Full disclosure: I’ve been remiss about keeping the list updated. Double check what we tell you. Still, no matter what, you’ll a couple good, searchable names. Try the state’s visitor pages, too. Contains great ideas and excellent resources.

To see what it’s about, try organizing an adventure. If you come up with something you like, you can save it. Select here if you’d like to give it a whirl.