our pre-employment screening process

Passenger safety has been our primary focus and concern since Go Kid Go Transport & Tours, LLC began providing service. We address the issue of safety from a number of perspectives, beginning with our pre-employment screening process.

We comply with the requirements set forth in the 2003 Wisconsin Act 280. This Act established policies and procedures that the Wisconsin Department of Instruction follows whenever the holder of a valid commercial driver’s license applies for a school bus endorsement. Even though Go Kid Go is not a school bus company, we comply with Act 280; we also go several steps beyond what the Act requires.

background checks

The Act stipulates, among other requirements, that the Wisconsin Department of Justice, through their Criminal Information Bureau (CIB), must complete a background check of each individual who applies for a school bus endorsement.

In addition to performing a background check through the WI D.O.J. and their CIB, Go Kid Go conducts a “Caregiver” background check on all driver candidates. A Caregiver background check examines records held by the Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services. It determines whether a candidate has ever applied for or received a license to work with children, the elderly, or those with disabilities, and whether that license has ever been revoked for cause.

Each candidate’s background is also checked through the public records available through the Consolidated Court Automation Programs (CCAP), which include information from the circuit courts of Wisconsin. The information in the CCAP originates with court staff in the counties where case files are located.

Additional checks of a candidate’s background are made using the U.S. Department of Justice’s Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website and the Wisconsin Department of Corrections Sex Offender Registry.

Prior to employment, Go Kid Go also acquires a copy of each candidate’s motor vehicle record. We also review our drivers’ MVRs once each year prior to the renewal of our commercial vehicle insurance policy.

With records from these sources in hand, we use the guidelines outlined in Act 280, and those of our insurance carrier, to help determine each candidate’s suitability and acceptability.

drug testing and physical exams

If the background checks and the MVR meet company standards, and the requirements of Act 280 and our insurance carrier, each candidate then undergoes a 10-panel drug screen, an eye exam, a physical exam, and a TB test, all of which are conducted at Concentra Medical Center. The standards that apply in these tests and examinations are the same federal D.O.T. standards that apply to interstate truck drivers.

If the drug test and TB test are negative, and the candidate meets the vision and physical requirements, they can be approved to drive for Go Kid Go. At this point safe driver training begins.

safe driver training

Go Kid Go uses the Smith System of safe driver training. Each new driver receives behind-the-wheel training in a program called “The Five Keys To Space Cushion Driving.” This program, which is used by hundreds of companies around the world, has been shown to reduce the incidence and severity of accidents by teaching drivers the skills needed to spot and avoid problem situations. Drivers receive this training several times each year, they also receive on-going training related to driving conditions in the Midwest, customer service, and the unique transportation needs of children.

vehicle safety

We address the safety of our vehicles in several different ways. First, we provide booster seats and car seats when necessary, and we comply with state laws and requirements for their use. We also require each passenger to wear a lap and shoulder belt, or seat belt, during transport. It is our policy that we will not begin or continue a ride if passengers are not wearing these restraints properly.

Each vehicle is equipped with a cell phone for emergencies. Each vehicle also contains a GPS navigation device that provides directions, and allows us to track and locate our vehicles as they travel throughout the region. In addition, each vehicle is equipped with a variety of safety equipment, from first aid kits, fire extinguishers, and flashlights, to disinfectant wipes and waterless hand wash.

We also maintain our vehicles regularly and consistently. The entire fleet undergoes detailed safety inspections three times each year—before school begins, during the Christmas holidays, and during spring break. ASE certified technicians at Girard’s Service of Franklin conduct these inspections. It is also our practice to repair any mechanical malfunctions that arise as soon as possible, preferably—and quite often—on the same day that they occur. In addition, our vehicles undergo general inspections and maintenance each week to help ensure their continued, safe, daily operation.

safety-related practices and policies

Finally, through experience, we have developed practices and policies to address “what if” situations: what if a tire blows out, an engine overheats, a child becomes ill, or an emergency arises? For each of these situations, and many others, we have planned responses in placed, and each of these responses makes the safety of our passengers our first priority.

A copy of these practices and policies is available upon request.