How we operate

We operate like a chauffeur service: our customers tell us where and when a rider needs to be picked up and dropped off, and we provide door-to-door service between the two locations.

We’re also similar to a school bus company because we provide regular, on-going service for our customers. “On-going service” can mean we transport a child every day, every Monday and Wednesday, each morning for two weeks, or only on the third Tuesday of every month. Our goal is to provide safe, reliable, convenient service that meets our customers’ needs, whatever they might be.

Who uses Go Kid Go?

Our customers include busy parents and caregivers with youngsters who need to be someplace—a class, an appointment, a meeting, a practice—at specific times on specific days.

They include institutions and organizations that serve families, and that need to transport the kids in their care from one place to another on a regular basis

They also include family-oriented businesses that use our services in different ways: to help their customers, as a marketing tool, to compete more effectively, and so on.

GKG accepts requests for transportation from parents and guardians, and from the authorized representatives of institutions, organizations, and businesses. We do not accept service requests from children.

How does our system work?

Customers provide us with the details of their ride schedules, as well as with information that helps us address rider safety, such as the names and phone numbers of family members and friends.

Once we create a rider profile in our scheduling system, we can design routes and assign pick-up times, drivers, and vehicles. Customers can visit our web site to review the details of their youngsters’ rides, and change them, even on a daily basis, if necessary.

What kinds of ride schedules are possible?

We offer customized transportation service, so almost any schedule is possible. However, we provide service mainly during our normal hours of operation.

Go Kid Go operates year-round, Monday through Friday, between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. We sometimes provide service before and after these times, and on weekends, by special arrangement.

Please note that, because reliability is one of our primary goals, there are times, regrettably, when we have to turn down an opportunity to provide service. When we accept a rider and reserve space for him or her in our schedule, we consider that a commitment to provide consistent, dependable transportation. If we know we can’t be consistent and dependable, we won’t take on a rider.

Does Go Kid Go sound right for you?

We’d welcome the chance to discuss your needs and, we hope, find a way to help you.