This form asks the adventure’s organizer for information about his or her plans and group.

Organizers can schedule multiple adventures by completing separate copies of this form.

BE AWARE: Some adventures might involve third-party permits or charges. For example, DNR officers sometimes park on popular bike trails to collect user fees.

Will Go Kid Go (GKG) need to transport bicycles as part of your adventure?

Organizers can plan "one-stop” adventures. For example, invited friends go from their homes to a movie and back to their homes. The movie, by itself, makes this a "one-stop."

Organizers can also plan multi-stop adventures. For example, friends go from their homes to play frisbee golf, then to lunch, then to the beach, and finally home. Golf, lunch, and the beach make this a "multi-stop."

Are you planning a one-stop adventure or a multi-stop adventure?

Date of your adventure?

Open the calendar popup.

Where do you want to go?

Arrival time at stop?

Departure time from stop?

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Do you want to plan a back up adventure, in case of bad weather?

Go Kid Go uses only 7-passenger Toyota Siennas; they seat six riders and one driver.

GKG can transport a maximum of 12 riders, if two vehicles are used; a maximum of 18 riders if three are used, and so on.

No rider under the age of 13 is allowed to sit in the front passenger seat.

Each Toyota Sienna also has two captain’s chairs in the middle row and a rear bench that seats three, each with a shoulder and lap belt.

GKG can transport five riders, all under the age of 13, in a single vehicle, if three of the riders can be seated on the vehicle’s rear bench. The bench is most appropriate and comfortable for younger individuals and those of slighter builds.

GKG can transport six riders in a single vehicle, but at least one must sit in the front passenger seat; to sit in the front seat, he or she must be at least 13 years old.

Go Kid Go supplies Graco brand 5-point harness carseats and booster seats.

Total number of riders in your group?

With the exception of the bike rack, the only storage space available is inside the van. A backpack for each rider and two Playmate coolers fit securely inside, and leave each rider a little extra space.

What gear and supplies will you take?

Is there anything special about your adventure that the driver and GKG should know?