Share the Ride and Split the Fare

You can treat your kids to summer outings and still hold down the cost of transportation! Our program, “Share the Ride and Split the Fare,” lets two separate daycare centers act as one, so both can save money.

how SRSF works

Under the SRSF program, children and staff from two licensed family or certified daycare centers agree to travel together on the same day, at the same time, to the same field trip destination.

Using the search tool below, a daycare center operator can find other centers near his or her location. Once another center operator agrees to “share the ride and split the fare,” the two operators can begin planning their field trip together.

Ready to give it a try? Then start with step 1.

step 1: find other daycare centers near your location.

Fill in the blanks below, the select “go.” A Google map will appear showing you the location of all the family and certified daycare centers within two miles of your location. Each location is numbered, and #1 is the closest.

step 2: print the info on your screen

For easy reference when making follow-up phone calls, print the map and the contact information that appears on screen.

step 3: find an SRSF partner

Contact the daycare center operators near your location to ask if they will join your group on a field trip, and remember, if they do, you’ll both “share the ride and split the fare!”